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Jelena Vasilsjevic

Jelena VasilsjevicMs Jelena Vasilsjevic
 Reasearch Collaboarator and former Research Fellow

 Based in Belgrade

 Tel: +381 64 17 23 238 

Biographical Details

Jelena Vasiljevic holds an MPhil in Anthropology from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia. She worked as a junior research fellow and project coordinator assistant for the Research Council of Norway funded project 'Spinning' out of Control: Rhetoric and Violent Conflict. Representations of 'Self' - 'Other' in the Yugoslav Successor States; within its framework she has conducted extensive fieldwork research in the Balkan region, with focus on media representations of the conflicts in former Yugoslavia. Her academic interests lie in anthropology of policy, politics of identity and political transformations of SEE region. In the 2010-2011 academic year she wroked as a CITSEE research fellow at the University of Edinburgh. 

Currently she is undertaking her PhD studies at the University of Belgrade. She is also Research Assistant at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory at the University of Belgrade. 


Journal Articles

• 'Imagining and managing the nation: tracing citizenship policies in Serbia' (2012) Citizenship Studies 16 (3-4), 323-336.

• 'Politicki prostor ekološkog gradanstva' [Political space of ecological citizenship] (2012) Filozofija i društvo 23, (1): 102-111. 

• 'Kljucni elementi transformacije režima državljanstva u Srbiji od 1990. godine' [Transformation of citizenship regimes in Serbia since 1990: the key elements] (2011) Filozofija i društvo 22, (4): 63-82.

• 'Narativizacija srpsko-hrvatskog sukoba iz 1990-ih: primeri upotrebe medijskih izvora u antropoloskom istrazivanju' (2009)Antropologija 147-173/no.9 

• 'Kultura secanja i medijska narativizacija sukoba u Hrvatskoj' (2008) Etnoantropoloski problemi 243-273/no.1(3) 

Book Chapters

• 'Prošlost i razumevanje rata: Uloga kulture secanja u oblikovanju naracija srpske i hrvatske štampe o ratu u Hrvatskoj' in (eds) Intima Javnosti (Fabrika Knjiga/IFDT, 2008) 

Working Papers

• 'Citizenship and belonging in Serbia: in the crossfire of changing nationhood narratives' CITSEE Working Paper 2011/17 (Edinburgh: CITSEE, 2011) 

Papers and Presentations

• 'Serbia: Ethnocentric Citizeship, Undefined Citizenry' presented at UACES: Exchanging Ideas on Europe: Europe at a Crossroads(2010), Bruges, Belgium, 2010 

• 'Politics of identity and multiculturalism challenges in a changing society' presented at Where do we go from here? Economic trends, social trajectories and policies of identites in post communist capitalism, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 2010

• 'Reconstructing the image of Serbia: Citizenship in Nation (re)building narratives, citizenship in legal policies' presented at ASEEES Convention, Los Angeles, 2010

• 'Making Sense: the Role of Memory in Media Representations of Serbo-Croatian Conflict' presented at Infusing Research and Knowledge in South-East Europe, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2008

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