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Ljubica Spaskovska

Ljubica Spaskovska Dr Ljubica Spaskovska
 Associate Researcher and former Research Fellow

Based in Exeter

Tel: n/a

Biographical Details

Ljubica Spaskovska completed her doctoral dissertation 'The Last Yugoslav Generation: Youth Politics and Cultures in Late Socialism' at the University of Exeter. She also holds an MA degree in Central European History with distinction from the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) and an MA in Human Rights and Democracy from the Universities of Bologna and Sarajevo. As part of the postgraduate studies she has done extensive research on the region of former Yugoslavia. In addition she had studied in Macedonia, USA (Duke University) and the U.K. and had worked as a junior project assistant at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as a literary translator from French, and in the civil society sector in Kosovo. In the 2009/2010 academic year she worked as a CITSEE research fellow at the University of Edinburgh. 

Currently she is an Associate Research Fellow on the Leverhume Trust funded project '1989 after 1989: The Fall of State-Socialism in a Global Perspective' at the University of Exeter


Peer Reviewed

• 'The Fractured ‘We’ and the Ethno-National ‘I’: the Macedonian Citizenship Framework', Citizenship Studies 16/3-4 (2012): 383-396.

• 'Stairway to Hell - The Yugoslav Rock Scene and Youth During the Crisis Decade 1981-1991.' East Central Europe, 38.2-3 (2011)

• 'ReCommuNaissance - on the Phenomenon of Communist Nostalgia in Slovenia and Poland.' Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, 17/1 (2008), 136-150

Book Chapters:

• (forthcoming) “The Yugoslav Chronotope – Histories, Memories and the Future of Yugoslav Studies”. In: Archer, Rory, Armina Galijas and Florian Bieber, Eds. Debating the Dissolution of Yugoslavia. London: Ashgate.

• “Landscapes of Resistance, Hope and Loss: Yugoslav Supra-Nationalism and Anti-Nationalism”. In: Bojan Bilić and Vesna Janković, Eds. Resisting the Evil: [Post] Yugoslav Anti-War Contention. Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2012.

• “The Fractured ‘We’ and the Ethno-National ‘I’: the Macedonian Citizenship Framework”. In: Jo Shaw and Igor Štiks, Eds. Citizenship after Yugoslavia. London/New York: Routledge, 2012.

• “Raspolućeno "mi" i etnonacionalno "ja" - okvir makedonskog državljanstva”. In: Džo Šo and Igor Štiks, Eds. Državljani i državljanstvo posle Jugoslavije. Belgrade: CLIO, 2012.

Working Papers

• 'In Search of a Demos: Transformations of Citizenship and Belonging in the Republic of Macedonia', CITSEE Working Paper 2010/11(Edinburgh: CITSEE, 2011). 

• 'Macedonia’s Nationals, Minorities and Refugees in the Post-Communist Labyrinths of Citizenship', CITSEE Working Paper 2010/05(Edinburgh: CITSEE, 2010) 

Articles and Book Reviews

• Book Review: 'Macedonia and the Macedonians: A History.' Southeastern Europe, (2010), 260-262

• 'Babylonian Nightmare - Yugoslavism, anti-nationalism, alternatives 1989-1991', Republika 532-535 (September – October 2012).

• 'The Global Entrapment - on the Phenomenon of Poverty in a Global Context.' SEEU Review 4.2 (2008), 123-140

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