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Simonida Kacarska

Simonida KacarskaMs Simonida Kacarska
 Research Collaborator and former Research Fellow
 Based in Leeds
 Tel: n/a

Biographical Details

Simonida Kacarska is a PhD candidate in the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. She holds a BA in Political Science-International Relations and European Studies from the American University in Bulgaria and a MA in European Politics from the University of Sussex. She has both practitioner and research experience related to the political transformation and European integration of the Balkans. She was a OSI/FCO research fellow at the University of Oxford in 2008 and since then has also done research at the University of Kent in Brussels and the University of Siena. She has published in both regional and international journals on the topics of democratization of the Western Balkans and its European integration. 


Journal articles

• 'Minority policies in the EU accession process', (forthcoming) accepted for publication in the Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe in an upcoming special issue in 2012

• 'The Framework Convention for Protection of National Minorities in the EU accession process – the case of the Republic of Macedonia', (forthcoming) paper to be published in Interdisciplinary Studies on Central and Eastern Europe by Peter Lang Publishers 2012

• 'Fostering Democratization - Evaluating external approaches in Civil Society Building: the case of the Republic of Macedonia' (co-authored) published in the Political Science Journal of the Central European University, Vol.4 No.1/2009, see: 
• 'Political Parties and the state in the Republic of Macedonia – Implications for Democratic Consolidation', paper published (co-authored) Vol.3 No.1/2008 of the Political Science Journal of the Central European University, see: 

• 'Leaders and laggards in the post communist road to democracy', published in the Journal Southeastern Europe 2006 Vol. 31/32 The Balkans in a comparative perspective. 

Working papers

• 'Europeanisation through mobility: visa liberalisation and citizenship regimes in the Western Balkans', Citsee Working Paper 2012/21. Edinburgh, 2012.

• 'Macedonia - Integration Perspectives and Synergic Effects of European Transformation', co-authored paper (peer-reviewed) published by the Central European University in July 2008, see 

Opinion papers and case studies 

• '20 Years after 1991 – The Tale of Two Generations', Opinion paper (co-authored) for the European Fund for the Balkans Supporting Policy Development Initiative, March 2012, 

• 'Equitable representation in the EU accession process – the case of the Republic of Macedonia', published in the policy study No.31/2011 One decade after the Ohrid framework agreement: lessons (to be) learned from the Macedonian experience, Center for Research and Policy Making, 

• 'Living across the border – EU accession and minority policies', text published in the Idee Magazine: The rule of law: fundamental rights & shared values in South East Europe, Volume 32, No.6, December 2011, 

• 'Case study on the impact of Strategy for cooperation with civil society in the Republic of Macedonia' published in the Magazine Civil Practices No.13 as part of the CIVICUS Macedonia Research Project in June 2011, see: 

• 'Regime change and transition', paper published in the magazine Political Thought No. 27, August 2009, 

• 'The Civil Society Organisations in the Republic of Macedonia – Relationship with the State and the Public' (in Macedonian), individual research study, November 2008, available at: 

• 'Political Parties and Democratic Consolidation – a reflection on the Republic of Macedonia', paper published (in Macedonian and English) in the magazine Forum Analitika issue 2007/I, see 

• 'Institutional Reform in the European Union – unresolved issues', published in the journal Political Thought No17/ 

Book reviews

• Book review of Marc Morje Howard, The Weakness of Civil Society in Post-Communist Europe, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003, Political Science Journal of the Central European University 2007/1,

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